Are You Sure ?


Someone has directed you to this site because they feel that you are:

  • Pandering.
  • Lazy.
  • Unjustifiably & shamelessly begging for money.




Do you need money ? SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE.

No, your desire for plastic surgery does not mean that strangers should be giving you their hard-earned cash. You want to go back to school ? Save up like the millions of people who came before you who somehow managed to pay their own way without resorting to online panhandling.

Can’t pay your rent ?
Need to support your children ?
Feel like traveling the world ?
Want the newest pair of Jordans but can’t afford them ?
Yes, these are all REAL campaigns we have either seen or have been solicited with, ladies & gentlemen. These are all problems that, unfortunately, are not unique to you (although we still don’t understand the fascination with overpriced sneakers).

DON’T GET US WRONG. There are people out there who are truly in a bind & could genuinely use help for an extreme & unfortunate situation out of their control. There are also fun crowd-funding campaigns that serve in the best interest of both donators & pitchmen; IE., entertainment campaigns, fan-centric campaigns, etc. This is not for those people. This is for the entitled Generation-Y, who see crowd-funding sites as a way to spin their saddest, most pitiful sob stories – from their brand new iPhone 6’s – as an irresponsible first reaction as opposed to a dire last resort. Take responsibility for your lives & accountability for your situations.

WE ARE ALL FOR CHARITY. However, asking & actually expecting friends & strangers to donate to your “cause” puts most people in a very awkward position, especially when the people you’re asking money of are likely currently in – or have been in the past – the very same predicament you’re expecting a handout to get through. Many online panhandlers are of the mentality of, “Who cares?”, “Why not?”, & “What’s the harm in it?”

The answer to that is simple: YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING TOOL.

The great thing about the internet is that everyone has a voice.
That also happens to be the shitty thing about the internet.

We can’t tell people what not to do with their internet access; we just ask that they be a little more mindful of exactly what they are doing & the message they are really sending when they create downright selfish & lazy crowd-funding campaigns. Just don’t ask us for rent money from the GoFundMe account you created on your dazzling retina display.

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